Services & Solutions

No matter where your organization currently stands, a path to zero waste is possible with Everything Zero Waste.

SWOT Analysis
Let us analyze your organization's waste systems to build upon what you do well and identify opportunities to save your company economic and environmental resources.
Waste Assessments
By analyzing your waste stream, we quantify & identify opportunities for diversion through reuse, composting, and recycling providing your organization measurable targets to achieve zero waste.
Program Management
Want to start composting, implement a reuse program, or provide ongoing environmental education to your team? Let us set your business up for long-term zero waste success.
Training & Education
Whether its contracted housekeeping services or internal team members, we provide the necessary training and education to improve waste streams, collections, and knowledge.
Zero Waste Events
We provide zero waste solutions for events of all sizes, including stadium sporting competitions, community festivals, school functions, private dinners, and workplace parties.
Zero Waste Consulting
Need assistance or advice with your organization's zero waste needs? We provide one-time, as-needed, and ongoing coaching assistance to help you maximize your organization's zero waste impact.

We offer comprehensive waste solutions for organizations of ALL sizes and budgets.

Why Choose Us?

Everything Zero Waste can save your organization both economic and environmental resources, all while doing good for your community and the planet.

Reducing waste is just the beginning. We help businesses be the change the world needs now.

  • Meet & exceed corporate sustainability goals
  • Attract and retain both employees and customers
  • Streamline infrastructure & education for improved efficiency and cost savings
  • Improve waste collections from your hauler and housekeeping teams
  • Stop losing money to contamination fees
  • Have confidence in your recycling & composting services
  • Connect with your community
  • Build environmental knowledge for ongoing global impact